Fair Trade Products

There are many more products certified as "Fair Trade" in Mankato area stores than was the case a few years ago.

In order to keep the growth going, more people need
(a) to know what these products are
(b) to buy them
(c) to ask for more from the store managers 

For  many people "Fair Trade" means coffee.   There is one coffee shop in the Mankato area where coffee certified as "Fair Trade" is guaranteed to be available.

Coffee HagCOFFEE HAG, 329 N Riverfront Drive, Mankato
Coffee 100% Fair Trade Organic from Seven Hills Coffee, Cincinatti, OH.
Fair Trade teas from Art of Tea, Beverley Hills, CA &
Frontier Natural Foods Co-op. Norway, IA

 At three other downtown locations Fair Trade  coffee is usually available:

Fillin' Station FIILLIN'  STATION, 630 S Front Street , Mankato
Coffee from Roastery 7, Brooklyn Center, MN, a company implementing its own Carbon Negative Sustainability Initiative since 2010. Regional coffees are usually certified Fair Trade.


Tandem BagelsTANDEM  BAGELS, 200 E Walnut Street, Mankato
Coffee also from Roastery 7.
Fair Trade coffee from Guatemala regularly on offer and from Nicaragua when available.
Teas from Mighty Leaf Tea Co, San Raphael, CA in compostable tea pouches marketed by a company with a strong environmental mission statement and has, since 2015, also a licensed partner of Fair Trade USA.

Pub 500

PUB 500, 500 South Front Street, Mankato offers Fair Trade coffee from the European Roasterie (Le Center), and tea and sugar (packets) from Equal Exchange.


Here is information about where Fair Trade items can be found in the Mankato area.

And here are some recipes that feature Fair Trade ingredients.