Fair Trade Films & Books

It has never been easier to enter into the lives of Fair Trade producers, importers, advocates and activists on film and video.

If Fair Trade is new to you, start off by typing "Fair + Trade + (commodity)"  into YouTube and you may be surprised by what you find.  A few minutes might change your whole perspective.

Here are five leading organizations where you can find Fair Trade videos:
Equal Exchange
Fairtrade Foundation
Fair Trade Campaigns
Fair Trade USA
Fair World Project

MAFTTI holds a collection of videos and films available on free loan and listed with descriptions here.


A list of books on Fair Trade and related issues is here.

The FTRN was a valuable, independent resource hub for the US Fair Trade movement until it closed in May 2014.

Here are links to three of its offerings, which are still useful and thought-provoking:

Comments on and descriptions of some of the titles on the MAFTTI book list - and some others - can be seen here.

Some basic literature on Fair Trade, links to other providers and a PPT are here.

Some Fair Trade films are described here.

MAFTTI cannot be held responsible for the cyber-integrity of the former FTRN site, though the information remains valuable.

DEATH WISH COFFEE, in Upstate New York, has put together an interesting collection of articles and research papers on Fair Trade coffee and the wider issues around the meaning of Fair Trade - here.


The Fair Trade Institute is "the most comprehensive online collection of Fair Trade publications, where researchers convene for Fair Trade."