A Star Turn

The 4th of July is a big Parade Day in St.Peter, 10 miles north up Highway 169 from Mankato. In our area the annual Parade is held about a week later, in North Mankato. In July 2010 MAFTTI made its first appearance in the North Mankato Fun Days Parade. “Carmen Miranda” was our star, presiding over a  multi-colored float that showed off the variety of Fair Trade products available in the stores.

North Mankato Fun Days Parade

The North Mankato Fun Days Parade is MAFTTI’s big day out – really only a morning – but Fair Trade must be taken to the people!

North Mankato Fun Days ParadeNorth Mankato Fun Days Parade - 2012




Carmen Miranda and friends at the Parade in 2011 (L) .............and in 2012

In 2013 the Parade took place as usual, but was rain affected.  Carmen Miranda was personally willing, but the float would have caught a real cold and been ruined for 2014.  MAFTTI was still present, but it was different.
Interested in becoming a "Friend of Carmen Miranda"? The Help Wanted page has a host of possibilities.  Perhaps one or two of them will jump out at you.

The Fun Days Parade in 2016 was on July 9.  Here's the evidence:.

Carmen Miranda float, 2016Working the crowd for Fair Trade