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Loyola Catholic School, Mankato

The future of Fair Trade lies with the youth! So - imagine how excited MAFTTI was when, six months after the Fair Trade Town Declaration, Loyola Catholic School in Mankato became the FIRST K-12 Fair Trade school in the whole country, in May 2012!!!  Congratulations to the Loyola Fair Trade Committee. This was, in fact, an independent initiative but one that has seen a productive relationship develop between Fair Trade in the school setting and Fair Trade in the town. Click on the logo for more.

Fair Trade pioneers at Loyola                                                Silent Auction at Pub 500
May 2009                                                                                  May 2010
Loyola Fair Trade Committee, 2011-2012Loyola's Silence Auction, May 12, 2012

Young Pathfinder Award for 2103


Loyola's K-12 Fair Trade School status was recognised in the community through the Greater Mankato Young Pathfinder Award in January 2013. This was a decision of the local Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Board


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