The Fair Trade Towns USA Campaign

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The Campaign started in the fall of 2007, stimulated by the initial Fair Trade Town declaration in the USA  - in Media, PA –  made in October 2006.

Its objectives are essentially to bring together businesses, civic and educational institutions, faith-based and community organizations, and individuals throughout the United States 

  • to develop the Fair Trade movement and achieve special recognition for communities that value Fair Trade.
  • to increase consumer access to Fair Trade goods in stores.
  • to deepen awareness of children and adults about the producers in the Global South who grow and make the things that we buy.  

There is no single governing body in the USA that grants Fair Trade Town status. Towns and cities may publicly declare that they are ‘Fair Trade’ once they meet the goals set forth by the Fair Trade Towns Campaign, i.e.  

  • A range of Fair Trade products are available in local stores, cafés and other venues. These include  products certified as 'Fair Trade' and those sold by retailers that are members of the Fair Trade Federation.
  • Fair Trade products are used by a number of local organizations, such as places of worship, schools, hospitals and offices. (The minimum number of locations for Mankato was eight; for North Mankato and St. Peter ir would be three.)
  • The local campaign attracts media attention and visible public support, including press, radio and TV. 
  • The town or city council passes a resolution supporting Fair Trade and the local campaign.  

These criteria are minimal benchmarks. Work on sustaining growth in Fair Trade awareness and commitment to the use of Fair Trade products continues after Fair Trade Town status is achieved.

Fair Trade Towns is now subsumed within “Fair Trade Campaigns”, integrating work with towns, schools, universities and congregations.

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