“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only think that ever has.”    So said Margaret Mead, celebrated American anthropologist.

The current MFT Steering Committee

 Jane Dow, Paul Prew, Deb Fitzlof,
Molly Yunkers, Paulette Bertrand

Well, MFT needs some thoughtful, active people now to help it foster and sustain the Fair Trade vision in Mankato, North Mankato and perhaps wider.

Can you help?  Here are some ideas.
We’re serious. We’d like you to get involved.

Take your pick from:

  • Helping to develop and maintain this website.
  • Working with shop owners to secure their support for MFT and the stocking of Fair Trade goods.
  • Arranging the availability of Fair Trade coffee, tea, and cocoa at your workplace.
  • Buying products bearing recognized Fair Trade labels as gifts.
  • Working with business leaders on an agenda embracing Fair Trade and Social Responsibility.
  • Working with community organizations to ensure that ‘Fair Trade’ is heard widely in the area.
  • Working with colleges and universities on a Fair Trade and Sustainability agenda.
  • Furthering opportunities to promote Fair Trade in the Mankato area schools.
  • Looking at fundraising opportunities in Mankato and North Mankato.
  • Hosting a Fair Trade house party at which someone from MFT can speak.
  • Holding a Fair Trade product-tasting party or potluck.
  • Working with print and broadcast media to secure their backing of the Fair Trade Town vision.

And then there is, of course, the opportunity of making a donation.


Please contact: Jane Dow
507-625-5092 • janedow47@gmail.com