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Fair Trade America Releases Trends for 2022

WASHINGTON – Dec. 20, 2021 – Fairtrade America – an independent, third-party certification that partners with farmers and workers to negotiate better prices, decent working conditions, and a fairer deal overall – today released five key consumer trends that will impact how brands source ingredients and work to have a larger impact on people and the planet in 2022. Shoppers are increasingly looking for ethically-sourced products. More than half of respondents to Fairtrade’s biennial Fairtrade Consumer Insights report, conducted by GlobeScan, confirmed they have changed their purchasing choices within the past year to make a difference on economic, social, environmental or Read More

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Fair Trade Towns Global Update

The Fair Trade Towns movement started in April 2000 in Garstang (pop. 5,000) in north-west England. By 2011 it had grown rapidly to feature 1,000 Fair Trade Towns in 21 other countries. Only six years later, in October 2017, the global list of Fair Trade Towns had reached 2,000! The number of countries where campaigning around the Fair Trade Town idea was taking place had, by then, reached 33 (Belgium/Flanders and Belgium/Wallonia being counted separately). The current list, in March, 2019 is here.

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Signs of Fair Trade

Consumers have access to more information about products of small farmers and artisans in the Global South than ever before. Fair Trade certification has evolved significantly over the last 25 years and helped to increase incomes in poor communities in many countries. Fair Trade has been a leading force in the global sustainable development movement, notably in the formation of the ISEAL Alliance. Fair Trade certification is not, however, the only expression of 'Fair Trade'. Dedicated business associations play their part, as do companies that, for differing reasons, eschew third-party certification and rely on their own commitment to Fair Trade Read More