E.L.F. BEAUTY is joining #FairTradeCertified

People made your makeup. E.l.f. Beauty can now certify that they are well treatedE.l.f. Beauty is the first cosmetics brand to partner with Fair Trade USA to certify its manufacturing facilities. Now, other brands in the $550 billion beauty sector can follow.You can buy Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and bananas. But what about your lipstick and eyeliner?Since 1998, Fair Trade USA has certified products that meet its standards for the working conditions in its supply chain. Initially, it worked largely with farmers, but it has since expanded to laborers in other sectors, including apparel. On September 6, it announced that Read More

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WFTO Joins Green Economy Coalition

WFTO has been formally accepted as a member of the Green Economy Coalition, a broad network of allies working for structural economic reform. Together with trade unions, progressive businesses, NGOs, UN agencies and citizen’s groups, WFTO is moved by the belief that green and fair economies are possible, necessary, and achievable. Click here to read more about the Green Economy Coalition and its projects.

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