Paul & Arlene Renshaw at the first Sustainability Expo, MSU, April 2014

October is Fair Trade Month. In 2016 it has the added significance of featuring the 5th Anniversary of‘ “Mankato-Fair Trade Town”.

At this moment MAFTTI wants to bring supporters’ attention to a few issues that bear upon the future of Fair Trade education and advocacy in the area.

A printed version of MAFTTI Messages, with additional graphics, was presented to those who attended the Celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Mankato City Council’s Resolution held at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Mankato, on October 27, 2016.

The intention of the Messages is two-fold:

(a)  To point up some of the emphases that the MAFTTI Steering Committee believes to have special relevance at this time.

(b)  To draw attention to the need for ‘new blood’ in sustaining Fair Trade education and advocacy in the area, particularly in the light of the retirement from the front-line of MAFTTI’s work of Paul Renshaw (Chair/Lead Organizer) and Arlene Renshaw (Steering Committee/Library Display Designer/Event Planner) at the end of the year.

When the printed version was distributed, attention was drawn to November 10, the date of the next MAFTTI Steering Committee, by when it was hoped that some offers of practical help would be received.  Offers received after that date will be equally welcome.

 Please read MAFTTI MESSAGES, ponder them and respond.