Fair Trade Towns

 International Fair Trade Towns

Welcome to Fair Trade Towns - an international movement promoting Fair Trade across the world that helps small farmers and artisans obtain more just rewards for their labor. A click on the logo above will take you to the story of how Fair Trade Towns began in the UK in 2000 and how the movement has since spread to 27 countries including, since 2006, the USA. 

The figure of 1,800 Fair Trade Towns was passed in May 2016. It was only on June 4, 2011 that the movement celebrated the achievement of 1,000 Fair Trade Towns, as MAFTTI did at Mankato Farmers' Market.

1,000 Fair Trade Towns

In the USA "Fair Trade Towns" is part of a broader "Fair Trade Campaigns" program that includes Fair Trade Schools, Universities and Congregations. For full information  click here.

Fair Trade Towns are normally declared through a resolution passed by the City Council on the basis of established criteria. For a list of Fair Trade Town declarations in the USA click here.

Here are links to the Fair Trade Towns movement in Canada and the UK.